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The Moderne Gentleman

Mini Cordless Steamer

Mini Cordless Steamer

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Introducing the Mini Cordless Steamer with supercharging technology and continuous large steam, perfect for fast and efficient ironing on-the-go. The compact design includes a 160ml water tank and supports horizontal ironing, just like an electric iron. Lightweight and comfortable, it's the ultimate solution for hassle-free, portable steaming.
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The Ultimate Travel Companion for Wrinkle-Free Clothes

Powerful and Efficient Steaming with Supercharging Technology
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Powerful and Efficient Steaming with Supercharging Technology

The supercharging technology and high power ensures continuous large steam and fast warm-up, making ironing effortless and efficient. Its high temperature sterilization feature eliminates mites and removes wrinkles, ensuring clothes stay fresh and clean.

The Easiest Steaming Routine

With a 1200W high power and 130℃ aluminum panel, the Mini Cordless Steamer heats up in just 30 seconds and maintains a high temperature for effective ironing.

The Easiest Steaming Routine
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